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All About Faith


  • March 24, 2017

Jeremiah 32:27, “Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh: is there anything too hard for me?”  (KJV)

Today, I just want to encourage someone with these six little, but very powerful words, There’s nothing my God cannot do.  I keep hearing this song on this morning and I cannot stop singing, There’s nothing my God cannot do.  I believe God wants to remind someone on this morning that there’s nothing He cannot do!  Someone may be feeling discouraged and you feel like God has forgotten you, you feel like there’s no way out or there is no recovering from this.  I don’t know what you are dealing with right now or what you are going through, but please know that with God all things are possible!  The bible says with man it may be impossible but with God ALL things are possible!  Not some things, but ALL things.  That includes what you are dealing with right now.  The bible also lets us know that life and death is in the power of the tongue.  There may be death all around you but you have the ability to release life.  Begin to speak life into your atmosphere and let your situation know that There’s nothing my God cannot do!  You may be struggling in your finances, on your job, in your marriage, with your children, in your health, in your mind, in your business, in your ministry, with loneliness, fear, personal loss, forgiveness, addiction, etc. whatever it is, speak it in the atmosphere and let that thing know There’s nothing my God cannot do!

I know it may look bad right now to the natural eye but what does God’s word say?  Don’t speak what you see with your natural eyes but speak what you heard in the Word.  Get in the Word and let the Word get in you!  John 15 says if we abide in Him and His Word abides in us we will ask what we desire and it shall be done for us.  Encourage yourself in the Lord and in His Word.  Sometimes you have to encourage yourself.  There may not always be someone there to pat you on your back and tell you good job, you can make it.  You will not always have cheerleaders.  Be your own cheerleader.  Buy yourself some pom-poms and pat yourself on the back and tell yourself good job.  Look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you can make it, you’re going to be alright!  Because There’s nothing my God cannot do!

Pastor Mel

MK Ministries

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