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For the Ladies


  • July 21, 2017

Are we married to God or just dating Him?  Having we given Him a yes or a maybe?  Yes, requires commitment and covenant. Ladies, you know after that brother’s been flirting with you for a while, and you are thinking to yourself, “okay, when is he going to ask for my number and/or ask to take me out”? Or, you have been dating that man for years and you are wondering when he is going to step up and propose marriage?  Well, God wants to know when some of us are going to stop flirting with Him and casually dating Him and make a commitment. If we want to experience the abundant life He came that we might have we must go deeper in our walk with Him, and step up and make that commitment and marry Him.

To all my single sisters who desire to be married and are over 30, we are getting too old to be dating a man for 3 and 4 years before he decides if he wants to marry us, we are not 20 years old anymore. Before committing to a relationship, we need to know if he has the same goals we do, and if he doesn’t, move on.  We need to tell them like Beyoncé said “if you like then you  should have put a ring on it”.  Many of us are dating God like some of these men are dating us; we are flirting with Him and leading Him on with no real intention of ever marrying Him. We are happy with dating Him and receiving some of the benefits, but if we want the full package we must be married first.

Catch this, your boyfriend’s employer will not add you to his health insurance, but your husband’s employer will. There are some benefits that only belong to wives, and not girlfriends; and ladies there should be some benefits we reserve for husbands only, and not boyfriends. You must be married to receive the full benefits package. Many of us don’t want to marry God, because we really don’t want Him, we want His stuff. We do not want His heart, we want His hand, but if you get His heart you get His hand, too. We are trying to get His hand; trying to get His blessings without going through His heart. When you have someone’s heart there is nothing they will not give you. Romans 8:32 says, He who did not spare His own son, but gave Him up for us all – how will He not also, along with Him, graciously give us all things?

We want God’s full benefit package, without the marriage, without the commitment, or the covenant. God will not give spousal privileges to a girlfriend, unlike some of us giving boyfriend’s benefits that should be reserved for our husband. God says, you want my benefits, I want your whole heart, I want commitment, I want covenant. Often times as single ladies we are so consumed with getting married, and God wants to know, “will you marry me”? God says, when you marry Him first, when you commit to Him wholeheartedly, then He will walk you down the aisle and give you away as a Father does the bride.

(Excerpt from Balanced Believer)

Pastor Mel

MK Ministries

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