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For the Ladies

In Process

  • November 10, 2017


I thank God for the woman He is making me.

I am a woman in process.  I am not perfect.  I don’t get everything right and I make mistakes.

I fall down sometimes.  I doubt sometimes.  I question the plan and the process sometimes.

 I battle insecurities sometimes.  Sometimes I battle fear.

Sometimes I battle crazy thoughts in my mind, but I’m in process and I thank God for the woman He’s making me.

I couldn’t always say that.  I didn’t always embrace my process.

Sometimes it felt more like punishment than process.

Sometimes I questioned if God was mad at me, and if I was being punished for something forgetting that Jesus bore my punishment in His body and that Jesus paid the penalty for all my sins.

 He paid it all on Calvary!

It is in process where He is freeing me of those doubts and insecurities and making me confident in who I am in Him and who He says I am and not who man says I am.

It is in process where I discover what it means to be fearfully and wonderfully made.

It is in process where I discover that my identity and my value is in Him and not in my possessions or in what I do.

It is in process where He is making me confident of the gifts I have been given.

It is in process that He is making me confident that I am anointed, that I am called, and that I am chosen whether you approve or not.

Don’t forsake the process.

The process is not necessarily about getting you to the promise, but the process is about preparing you to be the person He called you to be.

People get excited about the promise, but God is more concerned about you the person than the promise.


Pastor Mel

MK Ministries

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